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2017 Season General Information

How do I become a member of the 2017 WVU Marching Band?

Individuals interested in joining the 2017 WVU Marching Band must audition. Auditions for Brass and Woodwinds will be held on Saturday, April 22. Auditions for Color Guard will be held on April 1 & 2. Feature Twirler Auditions will be held on April 8 (with an initial video submission deadline of March 1), and Drumline Auditions will be held on April 29-30. Requirements for auditions can be obtained by contacting the WVU Band Office or by visiting the band’s web site. If, for some reason, you cannot attend the auditions on the scheduled date(s), simply contact the WVU Band Office to arrange a personal audition. Because most vacancies will be filled on the aforementioned days, especially for drumline, guard, and twirlers (twirler dates non-negotiable) it is important that you audition as soon as possible. Requirements for auditions are available online.

Does the WVU Band conduct a band camp?

YES!! The band holds a band camp the week before the fall semester begins. This year’s camp is TENTATIVELY scheduled from Sunday, August 6 to Saturday, August 12. PERCUSSIONISTS and COLOR GUARD MEMBERS will start camp earlier on Friday, August 4. *Please note that due to the change in the start of classes to Wednesday, camp dates could move a day or two later* Percussionists and Color Guard members also hold two mandatory weekend “pre-camps” during the summer months (June 9-11 and July 7-9). More information about these “pre-camps” will be sent to accepted members.

Where is band camp held?

Band camp is held on the Evansdale campus of WVU. Housing and meals for the week are the student’s responsibility. For those band students living in a residence hall during the fall semester, we anticipate that they will be allowed to move into their assigned room early for camp. Please note, however, that the hall cafeterias will not be serving until their official University opening later that week. Students who need transportation to and from practice as well as to meals will be assigned a band member “mentor” for transportation purposes.

Am I required to attend camp?

YES!! Because we do so much of the critical preparation for the season during this week, failure to be at any part of camp jeopardizes your chances of marching for the season. Only serious, major conflicts will be taken into consideration for missing ANY portion of camp.

When do I get more information concerning camp?

Once accepted into the band, you will receive a complete mailing during the summer months concerning all camp details (the fall performance schedule, housing information, what to bring, etc.)

Is marching band a class?

Yes, marching band is a fall semester class where you receive an option of 1 to 2 credits for your participation. Simply register for “MUSC 300B: Marching Band” on your fall schedule. The course name and number can be located under “Music” in the schedule of classes. If you have already completed your fall schedule and did not register for marching band as one of your classes, you still have the opportunity to add it.

When does the band rehearse?

Once the fall semester begins, the band rehearses Tuesday through Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at our practice field beside the WVU Coliseum. This late afternoon rehearsal time is scheduled to avoid conflicts with as few classes and activities as possible. When completing your fall schedule, please DO NOT schedule any other classes during these rehearsal times. You are asked to contact the Band Office if a conflict should arise in your schedule, or if the computerized registration system fails to allow you to add band to your schedule.

Are any extra rehearsals scheduled?

The only required extra rehearsals for the full band are generally the ones scheduled at Mountaineer Field on the mornings of home football games. If you are a member of the percussion section or the color guard, a weekly sectional rehearsal will also be required.

Does the marching band take time away from my academic obligations?

Your first priority at West Virginia University is your education, and the WVU Band understands and respects this priority. Therefore, the WVU Band requires no more of your time than the scheduled rehearsals and performances.

We are proud of the fact that the overall grade point average of band members is significantly higher than the University average and that a large number of band members are also enrolled in accelerated or “enhanced” educational programs. The band’s outdoor rehearsals in the late afternoon make a perfect “break” from the day’s academic pressures.

Many members pursuing extremely demanding majors find that their grades are actually higher in the fall than in the spring semester where their schedules would appear to be much easier! The band helps students develop a work ethic which carries over into their studies and eventually into their chosen professions.

At what events does the band perform?

The band performs for all home football games as well as one or two away games each season. Other performances include area exhibition performances, the WVU Homecoming parade, the annual “KeyNotes” concerts, and hopefully a Bowl game. Over the past twenty years, the band has performed in major cities and historic locations throughout the U.S. including New York City, NY; Orlando, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Miami, FL, Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Norman, OK, Memphis, TN; Baltimore, MD, Syracuse, NY; Louisville, KY; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Tucson, AZ; Fort Lauderdale, FL; New Orleans, LA; El Paso, TX; Houston, TX; Auburn, AL; Pittsburgh, PA; South Bend, IN; and Washington, D.C. Marching band members will receive the 2017 performance schedule during the summer months.

What style of music and shows does the band perform?

The WVU Band is noted for its high energy performances, outstanding musical arrangements, and exciting visual presentations. The band basically marches “corps” style shows with music representing a wide spectrum. Over the past several years, the band has performed music from Broadway musicals, jazz and classical composers, movie blockbusters, “big band” groups, and pop stars, as well as patriotic music and the traditional WVU fight songs.

How many shows does the band perform during a season?

During the season, the band will perform their traditional pregame show at every performance as well as approximately four to five different halftime shows (with a total of ten to fifteen halftime selections).

Are there any scholarships available for students participating in the band?

Unfortunately, there are no specific scholarships available for participating in one of the WVU Bands. However, a majority of the band students receive some type of scholarship or financial aid based upon various criteria, including musical talent, grades, financial needs, etc. We would be glad to assist you in contacting the proper offices for University financial aid or auditioning for a School of Music scholarship.

Does it cost anything to be in the band?

Really, it does not cost very much at all to be in the band. All housing and meals for trips are provided. The only items you must provide are your own white marching shoes and socks, and a uniform fee ($80.00 for winds & percussion and $50.00 for everyone else - which pays for an end-of-the-season uniform cleaning, student admission to the annual Band banquet, band shirt, band shorts, 2 pairs of gloves, a ball cap, and a winter hat). Upon the timely return of your uniform at the conclusion of the marching season, $10.00 of this fee will be refunded. Additionally, there is a $25.00 instrument or equipment rental fee, if applicable. Auxiliary members will be required to purchase any necessary accessories for their uniforms. Band members will be asked to have your uniform dry cleaned periodically during the season (when needed), as well as provide money for meals at band camp. Students electing to move into their residence hall early for band camp will be charged a small fee billed through WVU’s Office of Housing and Residence Life.

If I need further information concerning any of the WVU Bands, where can I get it?

If you need any questions answered or request further audition information, feel free to contact our office at (304) 293-3097. Our e-mail address is WVUBand@mail.wvu.edu.