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This site will no longer be updated as the WVU Band Program is moving to a more comprehensive web site for information. Once that site is up this page will be forwarded to the new site. Photos will be updated at www.WVUBandPhotos.com.

Uniform Information

As most of you know, we are beginning our 3rd season with our band uniforms! Over the past two seasons, we have had several re-designs done to the uniform to help with convenience and appearance. We had another great year last season with many of our new policies and procedures that went into effect with the new uniforms and we will continue to work on and tweak these policies to provide the best overall appearance for "The Pride!"

A rental fee of $40.00 will be collected at band camp during uniform checkout. $30.00 of this goes toward the "end-of-the-season" uniform cleaning as well as a complimentary ticket to the annual Band Banquet - a special evening of shared memories honoring our best musicians and leaders as well as our seniors. The remaining $10.00 will be refunded to you upon the timely return of your uniform at the end of the season. Checks for this $40.00 rental fee need to be made out to "WVU FOUNDATION". Please note that you will not be issued a uniform until we have collected the above rental fee.

Once you receive a uniform, you are to keep it for the season and GET IT DRY CLEANED WHEN NEEDED! If your uniform is not returned by the specified date at the end of the season, you will not be refunded the above $10.00 and you will be "restricted" with the entire University, affecting your subsequent registrations and holding your grades and transcripts for all classes. It will be in your best interest to make every effort to return your uniform promptly.



Every instrumentalist will need a pair of solid white BAND shoes - a "traditional" band shoe (not tennis shoes!). *Please see the included sheet for specific information about the specific "acceptable" band shoes for the WVU Band. If you do not already have a pair of white band shoes, they can be purchased through most music stores that sell marching band supplies. THERE IS AN ORANGE ORDER FORM INCLUDED IN THIS PACKET FOR THE "Official WVU Band Shoe" IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE YOUR SHOES AND HAVE THEM DELIVERED TO YOU AT BAND CAMP!


Solid white socks will be needed. MID-CALF OR HIGHER, no low cut socks are accepted.


A gold T-Shirt will also be needed to wear underneath the uniform. New members - see the section on "Band Warehouse."


All instrumentalists (except percussionists) MUST wear white gloves as part of the WVU Band uniform. THE BAND WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH TWO PAIR OF GLOVES AT NO CHARGE to begin the season, but you will be responsible to buy any other pairs after that. If/when you need to buy additional pairs of gloves, you will need to buy them from us at a cost of approximately $2.00 per pair. More details will be provided at Band Camp.


As most of you know, starting last year, we moved to REQUIRING WHITE WVU BASEBALL STYLE HATS/CAPS in the stands at games. The response was outstanding and we received MANY comments about how much better the band looked in the stands - especially on TV! Again this season, this policy is mandatory. We would encourage all of you to purchase the new and improved "Official WVU Band Cap" that will be sold by the band office (see included PINK order form), however you may wear your own baseball-style hat if it is ALL WHITE and has approved WVU LOGOS only. No other hats will be permitted in the stands again this season. *Please note - wearing a hat in the stands is NOT optional, but is REQUIRED.


You will be instructed by Heath Mankey as to the necessary uniform rental fee as well as the proper shoes and any accessories that will need to be purchased for the season.