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This site will no longer be updated as the WVU Band Program is moving to a more comprehensive web site for information. Once that site is up this page will be forwarded to the new site. Photos will be updated at www.WVUBandPhotos.com.

Marching Band Class and Course Conflicts

1) In compliance with University policy, each member of the WVU Band must be registered as a full-time student at West Virginia University (which means you must be registered for 12 hours). ANYONE THAT IS NOT A FULL-TIME WVU STUDENT MUST OBTAIN PERMISSION FROM MR. DRURY TO BE IN THE WVU BAND - NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2) You must register for "marching band" as a class (Music 100D). If you have a problem with this, please contact the Band Office immediately. If you are having troubles getting registered, please contact us.

3) You are NOT (repeat - NOT) to schedule any of your other classes at the same time as marching band (Tuesday - Friday from 4:00 until 5:50 p.m.). The ONLY acceptable excuse is having a required class or lab (in your major), which is not offered at any other time. NO OTHER CONFLICTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!! If you do have a conflict, you will need to obtain approval from Mr. Drury during band camp. The exact approval procedure will be discussed at camp.

4) An exact policy on attendance, various procedures, and grading for the 2008 season will be discussed in detail at camp. Please note: It will again be the policy that your attendance is required for every rehearsal and performance by the WVU Band. Only very legitimate reasons for missing will be considered.

5) All students wishing to be in the 2007 WVU Marching Band must be enrolled for grade and credit. Due to certain circumstances, however, some students may need to audit the class. For those that do need to audit, there are two items that need to be adhered to:

First: All students wishing to audit must get permission from Mr. Drury
Second: Students who elect to audit band must come to the following understanding with the Band Office. Those who audit will receive no special privileges whatsoever. Because auditing students are not "bound" to the attendance policy for credit and a grade, they still must adhere to the attendance policy in order to be considered for marching within their rank. In essence, a person's attendances at rehearsals as well as his/her playing and marching ability are the determining factors for marching - no matter how many years this person has been in the band. A "spot" will not automatically be held for anyone who is auditing the class just because he/she is a "seasoned" upperclassman.