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This site will no longer be updated as the WVU Band Program is moving to a more comprehensive web site for information. Once that site is up this page will be forwarded to the new site. Photos will be updated at www.WVUBandPhotos.com.

Attention Returning "VETS"

In the "Press Press" mailing, you will find a postcard to fill out in order to let us know if you are definitely returning (or not) this fall - AND to make sure that we have your sizes correct for your uniform! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a minute to complete and return the card to us no later than Friday, July 18. Even though you completed a "Returning Vet" form at the end of last season, these cards will enable us to get the fall roster as close to 100% as possible before camp begins. These cards are also what we use to reserve your uniform and make sure you have a uniform assembled for you that fits. You will make our lives (and yours) much easier if you will do this for us. Thanks!